Property management

We recognise the importance of offering a complete solution for our clients and our involvement with your project does not stop once our works are complete and we have left site. Buildings are becoming more complex than ever before and the drive for greener energy means a house does not always just have a simple hot water cylinder and boiler requiring maintenance. Many of the buildings Thames & Newcastle construct have complex systems and over the years we have installed the complete range of alternative energy and building management systems, including air and ground source heat pumps, solar thermal and solar PV panels, MVHR, comfort cooling, AC, etc.

Every contractor provides an Operating & Maintenance (O&M) manual at the end of the project, but not every contractor provides a fully scheduled maintenance solution and is able to implement it for you. Our dedicated Property Management team will prepare a maintenance schedule tailored to your buildings individual requirements to ensure the longevity of your investment.

And our service does not stop at simply maintaining your boiler. We are also able to assist with any aspect of managing your property, from dealing with energy suppliers and paying monthly bills to providing advice on security installations and, if you ever wish to make changes to your property, we can of course provide design and building advice for any thing you have in mind – the scope of our services is dictated by you, not us.